Our unique mobile services platform delivers rich application services to any mobile device

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ComUnity offers a next generation services platform that allows you to provide all your customers with mobile applications and services that drive your business model. This enables you to extend your existing systems, business processes and initiatives to connect with customers whenever they need your services.

Create, package and mobilise your commercial services

ComUnity offers you a customised mobile services channel that allows you to extend your business services to reach a wide range of customers via their own mobile phones

We package services into a one-stop, branded, rich applications environment where your customers can access your business services and other related value added services.

ComUnity will enable a mobile services ecosystem that will simplify your service delivery and enrich your customers’ experience of your company.

Connect with mass-market customers

ComUnity's next generation platform enables you to reach your customers on the devices they use, anywhere, at any time, at optimum speed, with maximum communication efficiency.

Your unique ecosystem of services can be securely accessed by your mass-market audience from any mobile phone or IP device.

Your users can get relevant and contextualised service that meets their real needs.

Share price alerts, flight times, account statements, banking services, restaurant locations, games, retail, chat, music – whatever your business, we will enable you to extend your services to reach customers with greater relevance.

Enhance your customer engagement

ComUnity allows you to track, record and capture all customer interactions.

Service tracking is done at platform level and provides phenomenal value for governance, regulation and business intelligence.

We enable you to reduce the cost and improve the efficiency of your customer engagement.

With ComUnity you can reduce administration and operating costs, attract more business, transform your customer experience, build customer loyalty and ramp up your conversion rates.

Product Examples:

Retail Application – "Shopping Cart"

Shopping Cart is an example of a mobile retail services ecosystem. The retailer is able to market, sell to and service customers via a proprietary mobile channel. Shopping Cart enables customers to connect and satisfy their retail shopping needs wherever and whenever they may arise. The following rich up-selling and cross-selling application services are available through the Shopping Cart channel:

Browse for goods on offer
Quickly and efficiently view a contextualised service catalogue of goods on offer and find out price, availability, purchase, etc.

View Promotions
Connect with contextualised special offers based on preferences, location, profile, etc.

Receive notifications
Receive notifications of contextualised offers, statements, in-store events, etc.

Create a shopping list
Create, share and submit shopping lists for fulfilmen.t

Locate the nearest store
Contextualised store locator with mapping and routing integration.

Enter competitions
Enter and track store and product competitions. The retailer has the ability to target specific consumers with relevant and contextualised competitions relating to product offerings.

Media Application – "Media Inc."

Media Inc. allows users to connect with a range of media services and related product ecosystems. Media Inc. partners with advertisers to market, sell and fulfil through its mobile media ecosystem. Subscribers create a personalised media channel which accesses relevant Media Inc. and partner content. Contextualised adverts, offers, couponing promotions, etc. are presented to the subscriber.