Our platform connects customers with all your commercial services

technical Advanced Technical Functionality

ComUnity offers the only next generation platform on the market for building, operating and delivering mobile application services to all mass-market mobile devices. Our platform draws on internal and external systems and content to create unique services.

Unique platform value

ComUnity’s single platform can deliver unlimited applications to any mobile device.

Services only need to be written once and can then be delivered to multiple devices (Feature Phone, iPhone, Android, PC, etc.).

Our platform offers all the functionality you need from a next generation services environment: live application channels, user management, tenant and community management, service catalogues, service integration, security, advertising engines, etc.

Our system serves all protocols (HTTP, SOAP, XMPP, SMTP, MAPI, SMPP, etc) and all formats (XML, JSON, HTML, etc).

The ComUnity platform is cost-effective and drastically reduces your maintenance and administration time.

No complexities

System, network and device complexities are resolved at platform level. This leaves you with more time to focus on how you want to reach your customers through rich integrated services.

Our flexibe datacentre models address the issues of security, information management, profiles, provisioning and delivering of applications, service cataloguing and much more.

Service tracking at platform level ensures that every interaction is tracked and traceable for optimum management of customer engagement.

A ComUnity Software Development Kit (SDK) is available for easy development of services on the platform.

Cloud computing principles

ComUnity leverages cloud computing principles to access any content source or system.

The platform makes it possible to combine functionality and content from the cloud and enterprise systems to provide great services which meet your customers’ needs. Centrally managed service capabilities are delivered securely to any device.

ComUnity’s application channels leverage the capabilities of any device to deliver rich application services.

Services are always live – application and services updates are done in ComUnity’s distributed services framework and executed by our Service Delivery Platform environment. This eliminates the need for costly and inflexible application downloads.  

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