One platform to connect your customers with the commercial services they need and trust -
through all mass-market mobile devices

how we do it This is How We Do It

ComUnity is the only partner that enables you to operate a branded mobile application channel that extends your existing business model to reach your mass-market customers at optimum speed via one single cost-effective platform.

Mash-up engine

ComUnity’s next generation platform takes disparate data and converges it to create a customised bouquet of application services.

Our mash-up capability allows you to string data together from any business systems, web sites, feeds, social systems and media and build coherent, rich application services which target specific customer requirements via secure interfaces.

Your services are packaged into a single application channel - allowing customers to access all relevant services through one branded application.

Device agnostic approach

ComUnity’s unique next generation platform serves all end-user devices in your mass-market.

No matter what device your customers are using, ComUnity will provide the best application experience to consume your services on their own mobile phone or iPad, laptop, PC, etc. to reach your services.

ComUnity ensures that all your customers have to do is click to get whatever they need when they need it.

One Service Delivery Platform

ComUnity’s integrated digital services platform removes the costly burden of writing separate applications to deliver the same service to many different devices.

With ComUnity there is no need to acquire and ingest new technology. The complexities are resolved and managed via our Service Delivery Platform.

Set up multiple communities on the ComUnity platform and manage appropriate application services to various audiences based on your own customer segmentation and taxonomies. To ensure the optimum impact of different brand properties, you can even change the application styling for different communities.

Product Examples:

Banking Application – "Community Bank"

Community Bank is an example of a banking services ecosystem where clients and prospective clients can connect to a rich portfolio of banking services. The Community Bank is in the best possible position to address transactional, savings and financing needs as they arise by connecting the client with applications that access core banking services. Clients are able to:

View repossessed properties
View , finance and invest in properties-in-possession catalogue by price, location, erf number, neighbourhood pricing, photo catalogue, store list of personal favourites integrated with mapping and routing, etc.

Manage their share portfolio
Store and track share-portfolio and watch-lists, set buy-and-sell parameters, set SMS/IM/Email notifications of price movements, etc.

Manage their investments
Subscribe and manage structured investment products such as Unit Trusts and Fixed Deposits, with performance tracking and statements, etc.

Apply for a bank loan
Home loan, vehicle finance, student loan, personal loan, asset finance.

View and trade Forex
Store and track currencies portfolios and watch-lists, set buy-and-sell parameters, set SMS/IM/Email notifications of price movements, etc.

Locate the nearest ATM
Search and locate ATMs with integrated mapping and routing.

City Application – "CityConnect"

CityConnect is an example of a services ecosystems that enables users to easily connect with government and commercial services in their own cities. Users can connect with live services relating to any city experience, including:

Where to go ?
Seek out contextualised points of interest based on preferences, profile, location, recommendations from like minded people, etc.

Where to Eat ?
Find restaurants that match your preferences, obtain recommendations, ratings and special offers.

Simple and extended weather forecasts for your city, suburb, location.

Emergency Services
Quick access to emergency services information with quick dial and location integration.

Connect with contextualised local news about your city and community.

Live personalised traffic service with integrated mapping and routing.