We structure engagement models that best support your commercial needs

engagement Tailored Engagement Models and Consulting Services

ComUnity offers a range of flexible engagement models that allow for on-premise, hosted and mixed environments. We can offer you a customised model that will reduce the cost of your market engagement, improve your service and stimulate your revenue growth.

Use the ComUnity platform

Join ComUnity as a tenant.

Define the services you want. We implement them for you and ensure optimum support of your business goals.

We provide the services portal, user management, a service catalogue, service integration, security, the advertising engine, etc.

We can take care of system management, subscriptions and application licensing.

We can even manage content and advertising relationships on your behalf.

Flexible tenant options

Speak to a ComUnity Sales Consultant about a tenant option that suits your needs. >>
These are some of our models on offer:

Pay as you grow
Full platform as a service offering: you pay for usage, according to your consumption of platform resources.

Base platform fee
Base platform fees can be combined with transactional services fees or with revenue share.

Managed services
We manage your services and you provide some of the network and hosting infrastructure and support.

Fixed fee
Fixed platform service engagement.


Build your own services ecosystem

With the easy application of ComUnity’s Software Development Kit (SDK), you can build your own services ecosystem to deliver unlimited applications and services to your mass-market customers.

Our SDK allows you to ingest and aggregate any content, write services once for the platform and then publish them to any device.

Do it yourself with our SDK: when creating rich services, developers can use our SDK to leverage all our next generation platform’s functionality, including: services portal, user management, service catalogue, service integration, security, scalable platform, advertising engine, management of user interface, integration with external system and services, etc.

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