Extend and operate your business model by delivering rich application services
to all mass-market mobile devices

Welcome to ComUnity

ComUnity's one-stop mobile services platform enables businesses and institutions to easily deliver rich mobile applications and services to their clients via any mobile phone or IP device. With the easy application of ComUnity's technology, your customers and stakeholders can experience exceptional digital service.

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Business Executive
what we do

Deliver next generation service

ComUnity is the smartest route to connecting with your mass-market customers, giving them the very best mobile experience of your full range of business services.

With ComUnity's live digital service channel you can extend your business model and boost business growth by reaching customers whenever their needs arise.

Now you can offer your customers relevant business services tailored for their needs, delivered immediately, on-demand, wherever they are, whatever device they're using.

ComUnity's service offering is ideal for providing rich mobile access to banking and financial services, provincial and local government services, retail, media, telco,education services and much more.

Marketing Executive

Offer extraordinary digital experiences

Capture your market with ground-breaking 24/7 live delivery channels of relevant information and business services direct to your customers own mobile devices.

ComUnity offers the most advanced user experience via a cost-effective and efficient digital applications channel that connects seamlessly to any user device.

ComUnity's unique digital platform makes it faster, safer and easier for your customers to get exactly what they want.

Reach the highly-fragmented mobile space via only one platform.

Achieve unparalleled customer engagement, monitoring and management.

Build your customer base into a smart, connected ComUnity.
IT Architect
how we do it

Market leading digital platform

ComUnity's all-in-one digital platform offers a multi-functional and interactive application channel that delivers any internal or external service to a wide variety of mobile devices, PCs, Kiosks, set boxes and other internet connected devices.

Cost-effective, time-efficient and completely secure. Now you can supply unlimited services via one platform that supports numerous complex features of thousands of unique devices.

Admin and maintenance functions are drastically reduced.

Service tracking functionality allows for advanced measurement of customer engagement.


Join the forefront of digital development

Mainstream software development skills are required to deliver multi-functional and interactive applications to multiple end-user devices.

Apply our market leading technology to deliver rich data services that can reach all mobile phones or IP devices.

With ComUnity's Software Development Kit you can easily aggregate content, write services just once and then publish to any device.

All the development tools and platform services you need are provided on our unique framework.

No other development platform can do this for you.